About Us

Welcome to the Green Products Store. We offer green and natural product options for pets and people, have energy-efficient heaters and cooling options that offer many benefits and more! You will find the latest green eco-friendly products here. And here's some of our web sites to keep you informed:
GoGreenAndHealthy.com: These days knowing as much as you can about Go Green Health and Natural Options is important. Let’s face we live in a world full of toxins and dangers. Likewise being energy-efficient is just as important for saving our Earth for us and our children. GoGreenAndHealthy.com is your resource for ways to Go Green including ways you may not think of, making your home energy-efficient, exploring safer natural options for your health and wellbeing and for your pets too. There’s many categories for Go Green and Natural Solutions to explore like health remedies, natural pet products and solutions, energy-efficient solutions for your home, natural solutions for certain home issues like mold, ways to go green with your computer and green eco-friendly gifts too. Some Go Green Health and Natural Solutions are as follows...
FunWithSquirrels.com: The Many Ways To Have Fun With Squirrels and Chipmunks Too! There’s many squirrel haters out there. Yes I know squirrels raid the bird feeders. But I feel squirrels and chipmunks are the most misunderstood creatures. They just want to eat like everyone else. So I developed FunWithSquirrels.com to show people that squirrels are fun cute creatures. And I will tell you how to solve the squirrels and bird feeders problem...
GoGreenPetProducts.com is a resource for natural and green products for pets, information on going green, latest news, reviews, and books about green living.
MyNaturalAnxietyRelief.com is a resource about natural alternative remedy products for anxiety and depression. This site is dedicated to getting the word out about prescription drugs and their dangerous side effects and how natural alternatives to dealing with anxiety, depression and other mental issues may be a better choice.
MyEnergyEfficientHeater.com and MyEnergyEfficientHouse.com - There's many low cost energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions on the market these days that promote green living. Traditional Fireplaces and Pellet or Wood Stoves can be nice but not easy to install, maintain, use.
SwimmingPoolsForDogs.com: Dog Swimming Pools!
RuffTuffDogToy.com: Tough Dog Toys